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US Concealed Carry Association

If you’re like us and want to keep your loved ones safe and avoid danger, and you believe in your right to self-defense, the USCCA is for you. The USCCA offers training and peace of mind.

Train For the Unexpected

Prepare With Realistic Training

Never second-guess your ability to react under pressure. Build the skills, muscle memory and self-reliant mindset you need to be a well-rounded protector of yourself and your loved ones.

Safeguard Your Home & Family

Your safety and your knowledge of the law are your responsibility. Fortify your home, sharpen your awareness and develop your defense plan with confidence and logical legal guidance.

They're Worth Protecting

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Follow the laws in your state and get prepared for what happens after a self-defense incident (like having a 24/7 critical response team to call if you're forced to press the trigger).

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